A mere fifteen (15) minutes drive from the rapidly developing capital of Port of Spain, and you enter the industrial estate of El Socorro, the home of York Garments Limited, where producing high quality knit- wear has become our mandate, an inherent natural part of our lives. Established in 1980, York Garments limited has become renowned locally and regionally for its dedication to quality, ability to respond to rapid market change and versatile line of products. Currently 50% of our products are sold locally, 30% exported to CARICOM, with the remaining 20% sold extra-regionally. Our CARICOM sales demand has been steadily increasing and we intent to meet these new challenges.


Our approach to manufacturing is a combination of modern day technology interwoven with Old World charm, as seen in our superior customer service and quality products. At York Garments Limited, we have invested in state-of-the-art machinery allowing us to produce One Hundred and Fifty (150) dozen placket shirts and Four Hundred (400) dozen t-shirts daily.


We use only carefully selected, colour fast, azo-free dyes from Germany and have formed strategic alliances with our suppliers over the past twenty-five (25) years, ensuring a reliable supply of superior knitted yarns. Our merchandise has been consumer tested to ensure preferred fit as well as ‘Print Tested’ to assure a smoother printing surface.


In the York factory our highly skilled, multi-functional teams of One Hundred and Forty (140) employees have been trained to handle a variety of operations. Believing our greatest assets is our human resources; we have provided an environmentally safe and comfortable air-conditioned work place.


Our vision is one of expansion, all the while ensuring that we maintain our standards through quality control.


We invite interested persons to contact our office in Trinidad, for more information, and welcome the opportunity to give you a tour of our factory.